Biscuiterie Lou Cocal
Biscuiterie Lou Cocal

2 production lines of biscuits are organised.

The entire automated line allows us to develop crunchy biscuits, shortbread or pastry biscuits .

Préparation des pâtes à biscuits

Several machines are needed in order to prepare our mixture. We use a crusher to grind the walnuts and the hazelnuts. Then, electric mixers mix all the ingredients. We buy our raw ingredients from the same suppliers and our fruits come exclusively from the South-West of France, which helps us to easily establish specifications and to check them on each delivery .



Cuisson des biscuits

A 6-head measure sets the batter in front of a tunnel oven on a cooking strip .


Mise en sachets des biscuits

Next the cooked biscuits are sorted out by hand and packed. The fragile crunchy biscuits are hand-packed. But for the less fragile ones, we use a vertical bagging machine .


Fabrication des bouchées, mignardises,...
Our second line of production is more traditional. We produce by hand the bouchées, the cakes and the sweet petits-fours. These products are cooked in a traditionnal rotary oven and then are hand-packed .


Other machines help us make more specific products. We caramelise walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds thanks to a turbine. An electric fryer cooks the traditional fritters from the Périgord region such as “the Merveilles de Sarlat”.

Once packed, the boxes are stocked and sent by a carrier or by our company .

Since July 2007 a shop has been created in the cookie factory premises .

Boutique de la biscuiterie Lou Cocal

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