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The walnut and health

A nutritional benefit

Already consumed during the Paleotithic period, the walnut is a gift from nature from a nutritional point of view.

The walnut against cholesterol

Thanks to its important content, the walnut is a precious food to fight against bad cholesterol. It is the best way to prevent from cardiovascular diseases.

A source of essential fatty acid

Some fatty acids are said to be « essential » because they are indispensable, from the beginning of life, to develop the brain or the retina.
 60 % of omega 6
                    12 % of omega 3

Fatty acids, which are important to decrease cholesterol, are represented from 16 % to 18 % in the walnut.

Consequently, the walnut and its oil fight against the cholesterol excess and protect from cardiovascular diseases.

An energy-giving food

Full of potassium, zinc and copper, this food is very good for sportsmen. Its important rate of phosphorus galvanizes memory.

Elixir of youth

The walnut contains protein of quality: bulk, lots of vitamin B like B12, B1, B2, vitamin E “elixir of youth”, magnesium for anti-stress.


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