Biscuiterie Lou Cocal
Biscuiterie Lou Cocal

Dénoisillage before...énoisage nowadays

« Dénoisillage » has always been in the heart of a popoular tradition. Close to the chimney, long-lasting evenings to break walnuts and to extract unripe walnuts, songs and proverbs cherished the collective memory of the Périgord region.

"Nothing is lost in the walnut of the Périgord region, unless its noise when breaking"

This activity establishes an inherited economy: énoisage.
It was developped in the Sarlat region and became a true source of wages for all the family. We remember the women who shelled sat down at the front door, a flat stone on their knees: they put a harsh poking with the mallet in order to break the shell and to extract by hand the unripe walnut, not to damage it.

In the Périgord region, we still shell nuts like in the past. This ancestral gesture to separate unripe walnut and shell has lived through centuries. It contributes to the quality of the unripe walnut of Périgord that stays the strength of the Périgord production.


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